Founder’s Message​

Satya Narang

You might be knowing that the need of professionally and manually trained manpower is growing remarkably due to the galloping growth and development of the every field around the world. To fulfill this demand and face the burning challenges thrown before the society and the young generation technical and specialized training are the only means and ways which can serve the purpose of the contemporary era.

Most successful people have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have been self goaded by the conviction that success is a long, persistent and at time an arduous journey and it is not a destination. So, an alert mind and indefatigable spirit will seize an opportunity that comes his or her way and make fully use of it during that journey with passion and a sense of fulfilling joy.

My heart reaches out with gratitude to the teachers of the youngsters who are showing signs of becoming achievers already and of those who are being guided and goaded by them to stick to the right path.

Please remember, my dear colleagues, God has blessed you with the mission of teaching as more than anyone else, you effect eternity.

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